Sh*t People Say to Bartenders

by Jason Bran on March 26, 2012

in Droppin' Knowledge

So it seems that a few people are taking this video the wrong way. This video was not made to insult anyone or portray any stereotypes.

Myself and all people involved with this production LOVE what we do. We are not bitter nor disgruntled. People say things far worse than portrayed in this video regularly and we smile through it all. The fact is though that when people get drunk, they can be a bit annoying, it’s human nature plain and simple.

My main purpose was to give people who have never served others some perspective from our side of the bar. If you want to see a bitter version that is aggressive please have a look at these links:

Frankly I think that these people are assholes and give the profession a bad name. Professional bartenders don’t crack under the stress, we make sure you have a great time and get home safe. The idea that bartenders are all assholes or conversely bartenders thinking that all their guests are annoying is a strange belief that too many subscribe to. I assure you I have no intention of perpetuating the ridiculousness as I feel it has already gone too far.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to write me if you would like to discuss further.



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